The Transport Authority is charged with the responsibility to monitor and regulate the operations of the public transportation system and this includes the specification of both the routes and schedules for the routed services.

Most would agree that the current system in Barbados is deficient in that while the services of the Transport Board are scheduled, the minibuses and route taxis are not limited by a time-table.

In conjunction with the Ministry of Transport and Works, the Transport Authority has conceptualized a pilot project which is intended to be the first phase of the integration of publicly and privately owned transportation services.

This pilot project phase will see the integration of private PSV services with those provided by the Transport Board along three selected routes. These routes are: Princess Alice Terminal to Sturges; Fairchild Street to Martin???s Bay; and Fairchild Street to Edey Village.

This pilot project is projected to run for six months commencing on 1st December, 2015. The Transport Authority has met with current operators on the three selected routes to explain the principles of the project, and we have already published our Tender Notice inviting interested PSV permit holders to submit their tender in order to be considered for selection to participate.

We at the Transport Authority believe this to be an exciting project and that its successful execution can be the springboard from which a genuine and lasting transformation of public transportation in Barbados can be launched. Training of participating operators is an essential component of the plan.

The project offers many benefits to commuters, PSV operators, road users in particular, and to the nation as a whole.??Commuters will benefit from a scheduled service provided by trained drivers and conductors who understand the importance of defensive driving and good customer service.

PSV permit holders and operators will benefit from sustained exposure and marketing of their service, the promotion of the bus schedules and the emphasis on the enhanced comfort, safety and services provided.

Road users will enjoy the reduced incidences of the negative practices of speeding, ???rebelling??? and ???dragging??? as PSV operators operate according to the terms of their contractual agreement with the Transport Authority. Through increased ridership of public transportation vehicles, we expect to see reduced traffic congestion and the consequent reduction in air pollution.

As we move towards a transportation model with an increased use of public transportation vehicles, the country will benefit from reduced energy costs as buses are utilized to substitute for private cars.

For further information on the project, persons may contact the Transport Authority at 435-3518; 435-4305; the PSV Hotline at 427-1PSV (1778); by emailing; or visiting the website For a Frequently Asked Questions list on the new Transport Authority Service Integration (TASI) Project click here.

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