The Barbados Water Authority has announced its new tariffs for domestic, commercial and shipping customers in keeping with the new rate structure for potable water, effective July 1, this year.

The new rates at which metered domestic customers will be billed are still structured in four blocs and calculated per cubic metre (m3). They are as follows:

????????????? 0-8 cubic metres -?? ??$2.48 per m3 – up from $1.55;

????????????? 9-20 cubic metres – $3.10 per m3- up from $1.94;

??????????????? 21-40 cubic metres – $4.66 per m3- up from $2.91 and

??????????????? Over 40 cubic metres – $7.78 per m3 -up from $4.86.

The new rate structure for fixed rate customers will range from $29.44 to $117.76 per month, up from between $18.40 and $73.60; while the rate for commercial customers is now $4.66 per cubic metre (m3), up from $2.91 and the ships rate is $8.08 up from $5.05.

The minimum charge for both domestic and commercial metered customers is now $32.00, up from $20.00.

No changes have been made to the sewage tariffs which remain 1/3 of the water bill for domestic customers and 2/3 of the bill for commercial ones.

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