The National Housing Corporation (N.H.C.) is well aware of the need to have first-rate financial packages, especially at the lower income level.

Word of this has come from Minister of Housing and Lands, Michael Lashley, who said in a recent interview, “the National Housing Corporation has established a window which provides 100% mortgages at 6% rate of interest per annum for first-time homeowners. We also provide loans for repairs and relocations of houses, extensions, alterations, house construction/completion and purchases of land”.

According to NHC Loan Administrator, Rodney Corbin, applications for loans at the NHC are processed almost immediately. “It has certainly become easier for Barbadians to receive loans from the N.H.C., in that the process of approval is a lot simpler and faster.”

Mr. Corbin also issued the reminder that while other agencies charge commitment fees, application fees, valuation fees and attorney fees, etc., the N.H.C. absorbs all of these costs.

The N.H.C. is encouraging Barbadians to apply for loans. Interested persons may contact the Loans Department and speak to a Loans Officer at the Country Road office. Walk-ins are welcome.

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