The headquarters of the National Housing Corporation at Country Road, St. Michael. (FP)

The National Housing Corporation (NHC) will be spending over $1 million on its Well Repair and Replacement Programme at the Pine and Wildey Housing Estates, which it will be rolling out within a few days.

This disclosure has come from acting General Manager of the NHC, Clyde Cummins, who said the urgent remedial work to the sewage system in the estates would begin next Monday, October 28.

Mr. Cummins continued: “Some NHC personnel and private contractors will be repairing 30 wells during a six-month period, at a cost of $1,065,200. The work will include the cleaning and repairing of septic tanks and disposal wells, the replacement of septic tank covers, and the raising of septic tanks and disposal wells.”

The acting General Manager underscored the importance of the programme, saying it was necessary to improve the physical condition of those estates, as well as to ensure the security of residents was not compromised. 

 “The safety of our tenants is paramount.  We are committed to executing this programme in a timely fashion, and in a way that would benefit our tenants,” he stated.

Mr. Cummins urged the residents of the housing estates and the public to cooperate with those involved in the programme. He said: “Where caution notices or other notices are erected or displayed, the tenants and members of the public are advised to adhere to the notices.”

He added that the NHC would continue to carry out further work at the Pine, Wildey and other housing estates over the coming months.

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