The Barbados economy is highly dependent on Microenterprises.

This is according to Industry Minister, Donville Inniss, who described microenterprises as the ???bedrock??? of our society, while delivering the feature address on Wednesady morning at the unveiling of the enhanced KAMS Aquarium Fish Shop, Hothersal Turning, St. Michael.

Before an audience that included Chief Executive Officer of the National Initiative for Service Excellence (NISE), Kim Tudor; Chairman of the NISE Board, Cedric Murrell; and members of the community, Mr. Inniss stated that the role of small businesses was not only to create jobs, but also to foster wealth creation and investment.

???What I have realised is that these microenterprises create a lot more jobs than the big businesses in Barbados??? I therefore urge you if you are interested in developing this economy and the business sector, to continue to reflect on the importance of the microenterprise in our economy???and this also brings to the fore the importance of innovation and creativity with in the microenterprise???,??? he said.

Congratulating owner of KAMS, Kevin Murrell, for signing up for the NISE 100 Improvements Community Project in an effort to improve his business, the Minister advised him that although his business was small, ???he should never compromise on service???.

Prior to signing up for the NISE 100 Days Organisational Challenge, Mr. Murrell was on the verge of closing his ten-year-old business. ???I was at the stage where I could not afford to keep my business open, and I could not afford to close. So, since I could not afford to do either of the two, the best thing to do was to keep it open,??? he said.

In addition to turning his business around by signing up for the NISE initiative, the 100-day challenge inspired the Brown???s Gap, Hothersal Turning community. As a result, various community-based initiatives have taken place, including de-bushing and the placement of a trash receptacle to encourage the residents not to litter.

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