Celebrations for the 44th anniversary of Independence will not include the Independence gala.

This event, which was started in 2008, usually preceded the Independence Parade at the Garrison Savannah, but, will be dropped from this year’s events.

Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office, Charles Pigott, during a press briefing yesterday explained, that "the gala was an attempt to recapture and relive some of the experience of 1966; it was never intended to be a permanent feature of our Independence celebrations."

Minister of Family, Culture, Sports and Youth, Stephen Lashley, also noted that the date for the lighting ceremony would soon be disclosed. He said that the event, which is usually held on the first day in November, was postponed because of the challenges caused by Tropical Storm Tomas, which hit the island on October 30.

"We have stretched our physical and human resources, particularly in ensuring that the country can get back to full power, and that has had an effect on the planning for the lighting ceremony; and of course, in ensuring that it can be done in a safe manner," the Minister maintained.??sharifa.medford@barbados.gov.bb

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