Minister of Health and Wellness, Lt. Colonel Jeffrey Bostic. (FP)

Minister of Health and Wellness, Lt. Col. Jeffrey Bostic, has assured vendors who operate in and around schools that he has no plans of threatening their livelihoods. Rather, he intends to embrace them in his efforts to ensure that children are provided with healthier options in the school environment.

Speaking today at the conference hosted by Pharma Wellness International at Solidarity House, Harmony Hall, the Minister said that he believed that his previous comments on the issue had been misunderstood by the vendors.

“It is not a question of putting vendors out of business; far from that.  I will be collaborating with the vendors and working with the Ministry of Education, the parents and the students to get our children eating healthier and reducing the intake of the unhealthy stuff,” he stated.

He also announced that there would be closer collaboration with non-governmental organisations, including groups such as Pharma Wellness, as the Ministry placed a greater emphasis on preventative measures.

“In the vein of the good book, I wish to see everyone in Barbados prosper and be in good health… My personal desire is to see wellness infused into every workplace, every place of worship, every school, every household and every community in this country,” the Minister stressed.

Mr. Bostic said that this was the focus of the recently launched National Wellness Initiative, which would draw on the resources of a number of Ministries, including Health and Wellness, Education, Culture, Sports, Finance, Agriculture and Information, as it seeks to empower people to maximize their health potential.

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