Barbadians will have to wait a while longer to learn whether they can legally eat the local sea egg delicacy by month-end.

Word of this has come from Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Senator Haynesley Benn, who said Government was still awaiting word from its technical advisors in the Fisheries Division as to whether the current ban, which expires on September 30, should be extended or lifted to allow for legal harvesting.

Charging, “because no matter what you do people are still getting sea eggs to eat,” Minister Benn said a number of fishermen had already approached him, as recent as last week, advising that “there are enough sea eggs out there that we can have a season,” and some eggs were over-ripe.

“I have not swallowed the story as yet, but I will investigate,” Senator Benn promised.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of the Fisheries Advisory Committee (FAC), Felicia Corbin, said plans were afoot to form a Sea Urchins Committee, involving persons from Consett Bay, who were already involved in an ongoing Sea Moss Project. This committee, she explained, would be a sub-committee of the FAC, and would work on projects pertaining to sea urchins.

“From this, they can even inform the Ministry about the status of sea eggs, so that we will not have to wait until September to figure out if sea eggs would be available. They would be able to monitor the status of sea eggs periodically through out the year, and by August persons should know whether sea eggs should be ready for the start of the season,” she advised.

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