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The National Conservation Commission (NCC) is advising all bee keepers to take precautionary measures with respect to the fogging of districts.

Bee keepers are required to call the Vector Control Unit at 417-2150 or 417-2151 and provide the apiary location, their name and relevant contact information in order to ascertain when fogging will be conducted in their area. 

Bee keepers are also required to block the entrance to the hive the night before fogging is to take place.

They are also reminded to ensure an adequate supply of water or sugar syrup is available inside the hive and, if the hive is located in a sunny area, provide shade so as to reduce heat buildup within the hive.

If possible, bee keepers are being advised to relocate the hive. Persons may contact the NCC’s Apiary Unit at 536-0600 for more information. 


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