NPC Mains Replacement. (BGIS)

The National Petroleum Corporation (NPC) will be undertaking a Mains Replacement Project, starting Monday, June 13, 2022. It is anticipated that the project will be for 14 months.

Ageing underground infrastructure will be replaced by new polyethylene plastic that is more durable. The replacement works will be split into 2 packages, learn more about the project and the list of areas involved in the video below.

There will be some disruption to traffic, as well as some dust and noise due to the road works. However, it is anticipated that this will be kept to a minimum to reduce the inconvenience caused.

For further information on the Mains Replacement Project, contact the NPC’s Public Relations Officer, Samantha Hazlewood-Ermay, at 231-2038 or

To read more, click the NPC Main Replacement Project FAQ document.

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