Despite the current economic recession, the National Sports Council (NSC) is pressing ahead with some of its programmes in an effort to make residents of several communities across the island more comfortable.

That is the word from the Director of the NSC, Erskine King, who disclosed that two pavilions had been completed at Greens, St. George and Gall Hill, St. John. He said the work on the playing field at Greens had started some years ago, but the pavilion and resource centre were started in 2009.

Mr. King explained that the Gall Hill pavilion was refurbished and extended, adding?? the expenditure was more than justified since "it is heavily used because it is the only public facility" in the parish.

Giving an update on some of the Council’s other projects, the Director revealed that lights were currently being installed at the Briar Hall Sports Facility and Resource Centre, in Christ Church. He pointed out that the facility was "fairly well used" by locals and visitors.

"We also have some other work that we are examining at this point, subject to finances. We are going to grade the playing field at Bayleys, St. Philip; and will also do some remedial work in the near future at the Chapel Pavilion, in St. Philip, and at the Blenheim ???B’ Pavilion in St. Michael," he stated.

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