The National Sports Council (NSC) will, within two weeks, launch a Community Sports Programme which will feature road tennis, basketball and road race competitions.

Director of the NSC, Erskine King, said that following the success of last year’s inaugural community road tennis competition, another would be staged involving residents of the 11 parishes in the island. "There will also be community basketball matches and mile-long road races in all the parishes across the island," he added.

Mr. King pointed out that winners in the various sports would receive prize money, trophies and medals. He, therefore, urged corporate Barbados to be a part of this important initiative and contact the Council to discuss sponsorship of the programme.

?????????????????????? The competitions are designed to bring communities closer together, as well as encourage friendly rivalry and wholesome activities in districts in Barbados. "The competitions are also aimed at creating a healthier and fitter society by encouraging people to engage in exercise, sports and games," the Director stated.


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