Despite the difficult economic times, the National Sports Council (NSC) is still pushing ahead to renovate some of its pavilions to make them more comfortable for the community.

To this end, Director of the NSC, Erskine King said, the pavilion at Chapel, St. Philip was recently refurbished and workmen are preparing to work on the one at Blenheim, St. Michael.

In addition, Mr. King disclosed that lights were recently installed at the playing field at Briar Hall, Christ Church. He explained it would allow residents of nearby districts to use the facilities during the night.

There are 105 playing fields and over 70 pavilions across the island, with at least one government pavilion in each parish equipped with a set of lights.

With the NSC going all out to ensure that members of the public have these facilities at their disposal, Mr. King is again beseeching those persons who are using the playing fields inappropriately, particularly early in the morning,?? to put the brakes on that practice.

"People are doing skid turns, racing motorcycles and horses, and so forth. Those types of activities destroy the fields and cause problems for those playing cricket or football.

"We then have to replant the grass and get mould to resurface the fields, and we are asking people to desist from doing so. … We have had to spend as much as $20,000 trying to repair a field … and it takes two or three weeks to get it back up to standard," he asserted.

The Director also appealed to the public not to tether their animals on the fields. He explained that some people left stakes and other items which destroyed the Council’s equipment when the grass was being cut.

In addition, Mr. King is encouraging the community to undertake minor repairs of the facilities from their own finances. "If a window pane is broken or a bulb goes out there is no point leaving it like that and then waiting for the Council to come to repair it or change the bulb. We are trying to get the community to work along with us, especially since the clubs using the facilities don’t pay rent, electricity, water and so forth, so we want the members to play their part, so we can provide better facilities for the benefit of the community," he stated.

The Director underscored the importance of restoring the community spirit across the island, opining that it could lead to a reduction in deviant behaviour.????

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