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The Ministry of Energy, Small Business and Entrepreneurship is currently implementing an Ocean Energy Consultancy to explore the possibility of ocean energy as another viable renewable energy source for Barbados.

To this end, a wide range of technical and environmental studies, as well as capacity building activities, will be undertaken to examine the feasibility of constructing a large-scale Ocean Energy Plant here.

As part of the work, consultants are tasked with conducting a Tourism Study to access the potential impact of these ocean energy technologies on Barbados’ tourism industry.

The survey will target four areas: accommodation, business, residents and visitors. Interested persons in the accommodation sector may access the forms by clicking here.

For businesses, you may login by clicking here. Residents may fill out the form by logging on here and for visitors, the login is here.

Further information on the surveys may be obtained by calling Project Officer in the Ministry’s Project Execution Unit, Sherry Waithe, at 535-2568.


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