Sen. Maxine McClean??

On April 27 Senator Maxine McClean, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade officially opened Barbados’ Embassy at Brasilia.

In her address to the gathering at the opening ceremony, Minister McClean highlighted the importance which Barbados attached to the further strengthening of relations with Brazil.??

She noted that the opening fell on an important and historic occasion, with the holding of the first CARICOM- Brazil Summit and the celebration of the 50th anniversary

of Brasilia and that those events coming together were significant for Barbados and the region.

The Minister also acknowledged that Barbados and Brazil had enjoyed excellent relations for some time and looked forward to the further building of significant relations with Brazil.?? She anticipated that with the opening of the embassy and the start of direct air links from Sao Paolo to Barbados in June, there would be further strengthening of ties – economic, social and cultural.??

Minister McClean recognised the emphasis that Brazil’s president had placed on fostering relations between the two countries and highlighted the embassy’s role in the pursuit of those objectives.

Ambassador Yvette Goddard expressed similar sentiments and lauded the efforts of all who had supported her and ??Attach?? Mary White to get the embassy operational in a very quick time. She pointed out that the celebration of the first CARICOM-Brazil Summit provided a framework for further activities of the embassy.

Head of the Americas Division of the Ministry, Euclid Goodman, performed the duties of Master of Ceremonies. The event was attended by Barbadians living or studying in Brasilia; members of Brazil’s Ministry of External Affairs, including its Chief of Protocol; Brazil’s Ambassador to Barbados; members of other diplomatic missions, including CARICOM missions and various service providers with whom the embassy had frequent contact during the process of setting up.

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