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Taxpayers have just one week remaining to file their 2018 Personal Income Tax returns, before the extended filing deadline comes to a close on Friday, May 31.

Manager, Communications and Public Relations at the Barbados Revenue Authority, Carolyn Williams-Gayle, reminds persons that this is the last weekend for getting assistance with filing.

“We are urging all taxpayers who need assistance with filing to take advantage of the tax clinics scheduled for this weekend. In addition to having our offices at the Treasury Building and Holetown open, we will be hosting clinics this Saturday at the resource centres in Deacons, Gall Hill, Briar Hall, Rices and Holy Innocent’s Church, with all sessions running from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

“I want to remind taxpayers to walk with their identification card, TAMIS username and password, as well as their banking information and where applicable, a valid TAMIS number for their spouse when coming to the clinics to help the process go much faster,” she said.

Mrs. Williams-Gayle also noted that there were some persons who have been delinquent in submitting their Tax Identification Number (TIN) to their employers.

“While we have experienced a few technical challenges, we have been addressing them speedily. A major challenge with the filing process, however, is in relation to some individuals who have been tardy with providing employers with their TINs.  This number is a key element in having an individual’s information in the system, and for facilitating the filing process. When persons did not submit their TINs to their employers, previous employers or other third party information providers within the time frame given, the Authority had to create a work around in order for those providers to comply with their statutory obligations.”

“Employers have noted that the information from those individuals is trickling in slowly. As these numbers are submitted, the providers have to take down the information which they have uploaded into TAMIS and replace it with an updated file. This trickle of information is contributing to delays for some employees seeing their information in the system, and is a case where those who were early are hampered by those who chose to be delinquent,’ Mrs. Williams-Gayle added.

Barbados Revenue Authority

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