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In an effort to assist students taking this year’s Caribbean Examination Council’s (CXC) exams, the Ministry of Education, Technological and Vocational Training will offer free online revision sessions in the following subjects:

  1. CCSLC Mathematics
  2. CSEC Mathematics
  3. CSEC English A
  4. CSEC English B
  5. CSEC Chemistry
  6. CSEC Physics
  7. CSEC Social Studies
  8. CSEC Geography
  9. CSEC Principles of Business

The sessions are part of the Learning Development and Examination Success Preparation Scheme designed to assist students who deferred writing examinations in 2021.

Sessions begin on Wednesday, April 27, and will continue for two to three days per week, until the dates scheduled for written examinations in the listed subjects.

Students with an interest in this initiative may, with the guidance of parents/guardians, email learningsupport@mes.gov.bb, or call the Help Desk at 535-0787 to indicate their interest in participating.


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