Government day care facilities will be opened to the public throughout this month as part of the activities for Child Month.  Tomorrow, Thursday, May 9, the Delores “Ma” Worrell Day Nursery, at The Pine, St. Michael, will host its Open Day.

Haynesville Day Nursery, Haynesville, St. James, will welcome visitors on Tuesday, May 14, followed by the Nightengale Day Nursery at Black Rock, St. Michael, on Wednesday, May 15, and the Sayes Court Day Nursery, Christ Church, on Thursday, May 16.  The final Open Day next week takes place at the Farm Day Nursery, Deacons, St. Michael, on Friday, May 17.

Open Days continue on Tuesday, May 28, at Colleton Day Nursery, Colleton, St. John; Grazettes Day Nursery, Grazettes, St. Michael, on Wednesday, May 29; John Beckles Day Nursery, John Beckles Drive, St. Michael, on Thursday, May 30; and Madame Ifill Day Nursery, St. Matthias, Christ Church, on Friday, May 31.

Visiting hours are 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


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