Photo credit: Harrison College

Harrison College (HC) will host an open house for prospective sixth form students on Tuesday, July 4.

The first of its kind to be offered among secondary schools, the open house targets all students across the island, not just from HC, who are desirous of pursuing their secondary education at the sixth form level.

It gets under way at the school on Crumpton Street, St. Michael, from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. Parents/guardians are advised that they must accompany their child/ward, who must be in uniform.

The event will provide all students with information regarding HC’s academic curriculum, campus, and co-curricular activities; pre-requisites for specific CAPE subject and advice on career choices.

For further information on the open house, parents/guardians may call Year Head for the Sixth formers, Carl Applewaithe, at the school at 426-4542, or email 

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