Despite perennial problems with indiscriminate dumping, Operation Clean City is "progressing well."

That is the word from Director of Drainage, Keith Barrow, who said the joint Drainage Division and Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) initiative, aimed at clearing blocked drains in the Bridgetown area, commenced in earnest on April 1.

"Generally, it is progressing well. The section leader and workers have been putting in some good work; I am pleased with the results. However, we have the usual problems with persons blocking the drains. We have seen from television sets to old tyres to dead animals and so on.?? We are asking persons to desist, but the problem continues. I commend the workers – they do face some horrible things, but we are progressing as best we can."

Noting that work had started at the Constitution River and moved to the sewage plant at the back of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and up to the Globe Cinema, Mr. Barrow said it is expected to continue from Bridge Road to Glendairy Prisons.

Adding that work teams were expected to start tackling City drains from yesterday, the Drainage head indicated the areas earmarked were Nelson Street up to Bridge Road, heading west to the National Insurance building and the bridge.

The Drainage team, according to Mr. Barrow, also worked in Synagogue Lane, some parts of Baxter’s Road, along Princess Alice Highway, Passage Road, Cheapside and Fontabelle, to date.

Mr. Barrow stressed that work was also ongoing outside of Operation Clean City.

"We have intensive preparations for the rainy season. Our programme has been working across the island. We have been clearing drains and sinking new wells where practical. Work goes on year-round for us all over the island, and then during the rainy season, we focus on the main waterways into Bridgetown," he explained.

Urging Barbadians to desist from throwing waste into drains, Mr. Barrow also appealed to residents to bring any problems to the Division’s attention, by calling the Drainage hotline at 426-1709 or the office PBX at 426-9695.

"We will seek to address them as best we can. We will be working from the Constitution River to as far as we can get, and addressing complaints," he concluded.??

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