Public sector managers now have another reference tool to assist them with providing timely, relevant and quality service to members of the public.

The publication, entitled: "Guidelines for Organisational Improvements in the Public Sector, is published by the Office of Public Sector Reform (OPSR) as part of its ongoing effort to improve the operations of the public service.

The document highlights the use of key communication tools such as business cards, information brochures and the need for agencies to have written mission and vision statements.

In highlighting the importance of the document, Director of the OPSR, Michael Archer, noted: "It is imperative that organisations move forward in an environment that is constantly changing.?? Change is challenging and leaders should seek to strive continually to meet the needs of those that they serve."

Over the years, the department has published several documents to be utilised by department heads as a guide to improving organisational efficiency.?? These include: Improving Customer Service; Guidelines for Handling Complaints; and Strategic Planning.??

The OPSR has also published guidelines on registry development and the quarterly Challenge to Change magazine, which is distributed throughout the local public service and the wider Caribbean.


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