The Office of Public Sector Reform (OPSR), will next week be holding a series of workshops to educate heads of departments in the public sector on providing Emotional Intelligence (EI) guidance.

The workshops, put on as part of the department’s Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), will be held on May 14, 16, 21 and 23, at Hotel PomMarine, Hastings, Christ Church, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., each day.

The aim of the workshop is to place greater emphasis on increased productivity, effective service delivery and promoting a more harmonious working atmosphere, in keeping with government’s overall commitment to professionalism.

During the sessions, participants will learn about the importance of EI in the workplace and its impact on the effectiveness of organisations.

The OPSR, under its EAP, has consistently, over the years, assisted public sector managers in developing and learning essential managerial skills through seminars on topics such as Workplace Morale and Team Building.

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