Health threats such as the Zika virus and Chikungunya have shown that where countries in Latin and South America, and the English-speaking Caribbean are concerned, ???our challenges are the same???.

This view was expressed by Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs, Adriel Brathwaite, while speaking at the Inter-American Defense College???s Outside the Contiguous United States Academic Trip Meeting, at the Hilton Barbados this morning.

Using the Zika virus to validate his point, Mr. Brathwaite told the military and government officials gathered that any area that had the potential to damage the region???s way of life should be seen as a security threat.

???As you very well know, the Caribbean is the most heavily dependent region on tourism, so anything that will threaten the real ability to attract individuals to our countries, to me becomes a security threat,??? he explained.

The Attorney General pointed out that the challenges being faced in the hemisphere also included the issue of terrorism; the trafficking of persons and illegal firearms; high unemployment rates, especially among young people; transnational organised crime and other security issues.

As he disclosed this information, the Minister also provided what he believed was the solution to tackle what he has described as ???multinational challenges???.

???We must ensure that our continued, finite resources are utilised to combat illegal activities, because our role as leaders, whether it be Government, military or otherwise, is to ensure we continue to improve the way of life for our people where we reside,??? he stated.

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