Approximately 3811 students will sit this year’s Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Examination (BSSEE) when it is held on Tuesday, May 3.

According to the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, this figure comprises 1955 males and 1856 females, who are registered to write the examination at 22 secondary schools across the island.

Among the numbers are four students who have been granted permission to write the exam early.?? This year, 12 students made the request, including five males and seven females.

The Ministry has also reported that 128 students made requests to be deferred from writing the BSSEE and they include 80 males and 48 females.?? Of this figure, 112 students are in Class 3, while the other 16 are in Class 4.??

All the students in Class 3 were granted a deferral based on the criteria that they had not completed a significant portion of the syllabus.?? However, of the 16 Class 4 students seeking a deferral, 11 requests were denied.

There were also special requests made by students, primarily for extra time and enlarged print.??

This year’s examination is also expected to see some exemptions; of the 43 requests made, 26 were males and 17 females.

The BSSEE (usually referred to as the Common Entrance Examination), will also be taken by over 190 non-nationals. These students have satisfied immigration requirements.??

However, according to the Ministry there still remain eight students who have not satisfied the requirements and, therefore, will not be allowed to write the examination next month.

Last year, 3686 students sat the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Examination. They included 1838 males and 1848 females.


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