(The Productivity Council)

Over 7,000 persons have received vital training during the past three years on  how to improve their productivity, and there are plans to increase that number significantly in this, the National Year of Productivity.

This disclosure has come from Manager of Training and Development at The Productivity Council, Shawn Callender, who is urging Barbadians to sign up for that organisation’s Getting Everyone To Understand Productivity (GET UP) Programme. Sessions will be held every Wednesday from February 15 to March 22.

Underscoring the importance of this training, Mr. Callender said participants, whether managers, employees or the unemployed, would gain a better understanding of the concept of productivity and the negative and positive factors which influence it.

“This programme is designed to help persons improve productivity at the personal and corporate levels. We also share productivity best practice tips that are guaranteed to improve organisational performance,” he explained.

According to him, some of these tips are on improving service quality; enhancing the communication between management and staff; building an effective team culture; and managing self.

Mr. Callender added that the aim of the “highly informative and interactive programme” was to demystify productivity and provide solutions through which output could be improved.

He noted that Government has identified productivity as one of the pillars of national development. “If productivity continues to fall, then our economic viability will continue to be under threat. People are the heart of productivity, and therefore more emphasis needs to be placed on the internal customer relationships and the impact of effective leadership on improving employee engagement.

“The more engaged an employee is, the more productive he or she will become,” he insisted.

Persons interested in participating in The Productivity Council’s half-day workshops, which will be held at its Third Floor, Baobab Tower, Warrens, St. Michael headquarters, should call Tara Parris at 535-5901.

Some of the topics to be examined are: What is Productivity? Why Measure Productivity? The Impact of Presenteeism and Absenteeism on Productivity; Teamwork and Its Impact on Productivity; and The Importance of Effective Communication.


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