In recognition of the first Spay Day Barbados to be held on Tuesday, February 26, dog owners who are desirous of having their dog(s) spayed are urged to contact the Animal Control Centre to take advantage of discounted rates being offered by partner veterinarians.

On that day, several veterinarians across the island will neuter the dogs at a discounted rate of $170 for bitches and $120 for males.?? Interested dog-owners are invited to call the Centre at 425-5559 or 425-1033 to register for Spay Day.

Animal Control Officer, Curtis Thompson, explained that the campaign was part of an effort to decrease the number of canines being euthanised and killed on the roads daily.

"To continue to slaughter healthy animals when there is an affordable and humane alternative, is unnecessary and shameful.?? Spaying or neutering will not only remedy the costly and needless slaughter of dogs at the Centre but has benefits to your pet, the owner and the community," Mr. Thompson outlined.

He explained that spayed animals were typically less aggressive and the procedure was also known to reduce the incidence of some cancers found in canines.?? Additionally, the Officer stated that the community would benefit in a reduction in strays, animal bite incidents and car accidents.

Every year, approximately 2,000 dogs are euthanised at the Animal Control Centre.?? This does not include those taken to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, veterinarians and the Humane Society on the island.


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