The role of parents/guardians in their child’s early educational and social development will be among the issues explored next week when the Eden Lodge Nursery School hosts a panel discussion.

The forum, which takes place on Wednesday, March 21, at 5:30 p.m., is a collaborative undertaking with the school’s Parent Teachers’ Association(PTA) and will examine the topic: Modern Parenting: Empowering Our Children – Myth or Reality?

Panellists will include Director of PAREDOS, Marcia Graham; President of the Nursery School’s PTA, Jennifer Branch-Maloney; President of the National Council of PTAs, Rhonda Blackman, as well as representatives from the Magistrate’s Court and the Child Care Board.

The school has also invited members of the PTA of the Eden Lodge Primary School to the discussion and that school’s PTA President, Emmerson Herbert, will be the moderator.


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