Stigma and Discrimination Against Persons Living with HIV and AIDS will be examined in greater detail when the Bureau of Gender Affairs hosts a panel??discussion on Wednesday, February 15.

It will be held at the Barbados Workers’ Union Headquarters, at Solidarity House, Harmony Hall, St. Michael, beginning at 7:30 p.m. and members of the public are encouraged to attend. The discussion is aimed at raising awareness of the impact of stigma and discrimination on persons living with the HIV virus.

Panellists will be Project Coordinator in the Ministry of Labour,??Rhonda Boucher; Behavioural Change Communication Specialist in the National HIV/AIDS Commission, Alexis Nurse; a representative from Family Care Support; and DeCourcey Hutson of Movement Against Discrimination Action Coalition (MOVADAC). Consultant on gender issues, Jeanette Bell, will moderate.

The record indicates that there are 3,426 persons living with HIV in Barbados, but these are only those persons known to the system.

Stigma and discrimination have been identified as driving the transmission of the disease and in order to reduce the impact, a number of activities have been developed to empower Persons Living with HIV, inform society and effect attitudinal and behaviour change.


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