The St. Michael School Parent Support Network Programme (PSNP) is inviting the public to its first Parent Development Workshop on Monday, March 30, from 4:00 to 6:30 p.m. in the School Hall, Martindale???s Road, St. Michael.

The aim of the workshop is to address the major challenges which parents encounter, and to explore techniques to help them understand teenagers.

Principal of The St. Michael School, Dr. Yvette Mayers, will speak on the topic: Boys & Girls Learn Differently: How? Why? while Kim Harris of the Juvenile Liaison Scheme and Shone Gibbs of the National Council for Parent-Teacher Association will discuss Principles for Improving Parent Child Relationships.

Author of Sexplained 1 & 2, Helen Knox, will speak on Teens, Sex and STIs: What parents need to know. Fostering Academic Motivation will be the topic to be addressed by exchange student of the University of West Indies, Kathleen Muir, and Janelle Murrell, Coordinator of LITE Learning Centre.

The PSNP was initiated by Social Work intern of the University of West Indies, Katrina Neil, as part of her macro project.

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