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Parents in the Vauxhall, Christ Church area and environs will soon have an opportunity to improve their parenting skills.

The Division of Family will be hosting a Community Outreach Programme this Saturday, June 9, at Vauxhall Primary School, Vauxhall, Christ Church, from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. and all parents are encouraged to attend.

It will give persons a chance to obtain information on positive parenting, as well as drug education, adolescence and domestic violence. Counsellors will also be available to have discussions with parents.

In addition, staffers from a number of organisations, namely the HIV/AIDS Commission, the Child Care Board, the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme, the Youth Development Programme, PAREDOS and the Barbados Family Planning Association, will be on hand to discuss their services.

A safe zone will be set up for children so they can engage in fun activities, including face painting, interacting with a clown and playing in a jumping tent.

Giving the background to the event, Senior Administrative Officer in the Division of Family and Youth, Marva Howell, explained that the section currently offers a centralised 18-week intensive training programme to enforce positive parenting skills.

Ms. Howell continued: "We recognise that not all parents would come to this training. Therefore, there is a need to reach persons where they are – in their communities. So, we are making the training and information more accessible."


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