Parents should lead their children by example when it comes to productivity and work ethic.

This declaration was made today by Minister of Labour, Senator Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo, as she delivered the feature address at the People???s Cathedral Primary School???s graduation ceremony with the theme I Will Be a Reflection of God, at the Bishop???s Court Hill, St. Michael, location.

Addressing the audience, which consisted of staff, family and 51 graduands, Senator Byer Suckoo pointed out that ???one of our biggest challenges as a nation???is productivity and good work ethic; and it is not just persons who are not Christians; Christians in the workplace are not reflecting God.

???[They] have verses on their desk, they have CITA radio playing all day???[but yet] they are not giving a full day???s work,??? she remarked.

While charging parents with the duty of encouraging their children to explore their strengths and passions, the Labour Minister advised the graduating class, that as they go into a new school environment, they should take their time and ???choose [your friends] wisely???choose those students who will not darken [your] light???

???And, if you choose friends that you thought at first ??? were the right type of friend and??? you realise that they???re not reflecting God, [remember that] God hasn???t moved; we have, and it means we need to readjust,??? she said.

The school, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, marked many accomplishments. These include the launch of an internal professional development training programme for teachers and; the introduction of French into the curriculum.

The graduating class also helped to make this year a memorable one, having performed well above the national average in both the Mathematics and English papers of the Barbados Secondary School Entrances examination. Twenty-three of the 51 students scored 80 per cent or more, and the overall top performer in the exam was student, Brianna Williams.

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