Minister of Social Care, Christopher Sinckler, presenting??Joshua and Jada Jones, with their prizes, while their mother, Lana Jones, looks on.

Minister of Youth, Stephen Lashley, has urged parents to support their children throughout, both their primary and secondary school life.

He made the appeal while delivering an address at a ceremony for 14 children in the St. Michael North West area who excelled in this year’s Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Examination and received the Lawson Weekes Educational Scholarship.????????????????

Mr. Lashley expressed the view that some parents became "very excited" about the 11+ exam and it resulted in them sometimes "camping out" at the various examination centres across Barbados.

??"Not that there is anything … wrong with that. But what is often lacking … is that enthusiasm tends to become a bit weak and falter as you move from the primary to the secondary school…," he told the gathering, which included parents, principals and the Minister of Social Care, Christopher Sinckler, who is the Parliamentary Representative?? for the area.

"I, therefore, want to appeal for the enthusiasm which obtains at the time of the 11+ to continue throughout the secondary school life of your children, particularly in the early stages of their education. They really need it, the transition is often an emotional one because they often tend to leave their friends and teachers and go into a new environment, where they have to make serious adjustments," Mr. Lashley stressed.

During the wide-ranging address, the Minister disclosed that almost 9000 children had registered for this year’s redesigned summer camp, which would focus on culture, science and technology and sports.

He maintained that the programme had been a significant help to parents, while further disclosing that weekly assessments would be held every Saturday, so the camp directors and assistants could review the week and plan ahead.

Some of the awardees at the ceremony included top boy and girl, Joshua and Jada Jones, of Trinity Academy, who are heading to Harrison College.??saustin@barbados.gov.bb

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