Minister of Youth and Community Empowerment, Adrian Forde, has commended parents who have taken the decision to enroll their sons in associations such as the Barbados Boy Scouts Association as he believes there are many benefits to be derived from this involvement.

Speaking at the Bridgetown Promotional March to mark the 107th year of the existence of the Boy Scouts Association, Mr. Forde said he was pleased to see the large number of Boy Scouts and their parents in attendance.

“This is a true indication that the Boy Scouts movement is still a very vibrant organization and I must commend all parents for encouraging these boys to be involved,” he commented.

He encouraged the scouts in attendance to continue their good work since being a scout would help them to prepare for life’s journey.

“I am very sure that it will also help you to be more productive and have a more satisfying life as it will create in you a sense of purpose, identity and belonging,” the Youth Minister stated.

Mr. Forde also pledged his Ministry’s commitment to supporting local youth organizations. Acknowledging that today’s youth would be the men and women of tomorrow, he encouraged them to continue the good work they had already started.

He also commended the Barbados Boys Scouts Association for its good work, noting that programmes which involved youth from such a tender age, could only serve “to assist in the moulding of their minds and character into useful and productive citizens”.

The first Boy Scouts troop on the island was registered on March 9, 1912, at the Combermere School with Matthew Springer as its first warranted Scout Leader.


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