Minister of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment, Charles Griffith, (second right) is joined by Permanent Secretary, Yolande Howard (second left), the Most Outstanding Ambassadors for 2021, Dana Brome and Shaquille Griffith, and their Attendant, Pedro Cumberbatch (left), in the Ministry’s Conference Room. (F. Belgrave/BGIS)

The Most Outstanding Parish Ambassadors for 2021, Dana Brome and Shaquille Griffith, have been encouraged to utilise the resources of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment, as well as to mentor their peers.

Minister Charles Griffith suggested this to them and their attendant Pedro Cumberbatch, during a courtesy call on Wednesday, at the Ministry’s headquarters, Haggatt Hall, St. Michael.

As the Ambassadors discussed helping entrepreneurs as part of their 2021 project, Mr. Griffith shared: “The Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme would come in and help them to push [their] business in the correct direction in terms of training….  They attach persons who work in a similar job or business to the individuals who are in the programme as almost like a mentorship…. Avail yourself with all the information. 

“There’s also the Trust Loan Fund that’s been brought on stream because to me a lot of people don’t see the importance of building that credit rating.”

Speaking about the project, Miss Brome said: “We focused on the entrepreneurs within the community, not only recognising them, but having them recognised and finding ways to work with them to improve their skills, so they can not only have a business, but have one that runs in a proper fashion. So, we would have done workshops, and … they were able to join in and hear from experienced individuals about their trials.”

She also highlighted one of the entrepreneurs with whom they formed a partnership. “We actually partnered with one of our entrepreneurs Island Lynx.…  He has a spot and a radio station.  We partnered with him and we have community news. So, we are doing our community connect as well.”

Minister Griffith reminded the Ambassadors that mentorship is also a tool that should be used to help others within the community. “You can share that [experience] with those persons involved in the project locally, in the area that they would want to be involved.

“Don’t spread yourself thin, you know, take one male, one female. Watch their growth and impact on them….  Look for a young female in the community that you figure you can change the direction a little bit, or straighten the direction.…  Make sure that they reach a certain point that you can say I played a part in terms of guiding that process.… Talk to the parents,” he advised.

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