Some parks across Barbados are now outfitted with free wi-fi allowing all who visit them to surf the internet while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

General Manager of the National Conservation Commission (NCC), Keith Neblett, announced this today during the official launch of Arbor Week, and noted that it was made possible through an ongoing pilot project between the Commission and LIME.

Parks and other areas outfitted with free wi-fi include King George the V Memorial Park, Barclays Park, Folkestone Park, Enterprise, the Richard Haynes Boardwalk, Bath, Bathsheba and Oistins Bay Gardens.

Mr. Neblett explained that while Government continued to spend thousands of dollars maintaining parks across Barbados annually, the recreational areas were still not being populated by individuals and children.

???I believe a lot of them are caught up with the new technology, and the pieces of equipment that involve use of the wi-fi,??? he said. As a result, he added, it was believed that if free wi-fi was placed in parks, it would encourage more people to come out and enjoy the recreational spaces.

???They are not going to play when they get into the park all day, but it will give them an opportunity to go and exercise and utilise and really mix… That???s the type of thing we are looking at in terms of the use of the park. It is a pilot project and we are hoping that it could go on and continue to be free,??? he said.

The General Manager pointed out that the NCC was not just limited to working with LIME, but was open to also working with FLOW and Digicel to bring all the national parks online and increase their usage.

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