Member of Parliament, Cynthia Forde (FP)??

Members of the House of Assembly are continuing their efforts to educate the public about HIV prevention.

To this end, an outreach programme will take place this Saturday, March 31, at the Lester Vaughn Secondary School, Cane Garden, St. Thomas, from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.

It will have as its theme: Advancing Parliamentary Leadership in Community Dialogues on HIV Prevention, Stigma and Discrimination and will be held under the patronage of His Honour, The Speaker, Michael Carrington; and Parliamentary Representative and M.P., Cynthia Forde.

The topic will be discussed and there will be presentations in the form of song, dance and dramatic pieces. Prizes will be offered and samples provided.

The public is invited to attend and to bring donations of non-perishable food items for the HIV Food Bank.


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