The protection of Intellectual Property rights will be high on Government???s agenda when Parliament resumes over the next fortnight.

Minister of Home Affairs, Adriel Brathwaite, today reinforced Government???s zero tolerance for all illegal acts committed by persons to gain financially or otherwise from the hard work of others through piracy, or the unauthorised reproduction and distribution of local music and other works of art.

He made these statements as he delivered the feature address during the 34th annual Crime Stoppers International conference at Hilton Barbados today.

Mr. Brathwaite noted that Barbados has comprehensive legislation for the protection of intellectual property which was compliant with the World Trade Organisation???s trade related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights requirements.

???We are signatory to many international treaties and conventions which recognise several kinds of intellectual property rights guaranteeing protection and legal recourse to rights-holders in line with internationally accepted standards,??? he said.

But, despite this, the Minister noted that there were still complaints of intellectual property rights infringements, particularly during the Crop Over season.

???Our musicians are being sought to perform on the international stage and this is indeed commendable, and an achievement of which we are all proud. As Barbadians, we can show our appreciation and support by purchasing their music through legal channels,??? he said.

Mr. Brathwaite also suggested that anyone who believed their intellectual property rights were infringed should make a formal complaint to the Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office – the agency responsible for its administration.

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