Staff of the Prime Minister’s Office, which is located on the ground floor at the Defence and Security building on Bay Street, St. Michael, will be relocating to the 1st Floor of the Weymouth Corporate Centre, Roebuck Street, St. Michael, from next Wednesday, July 11.??

The office will be closed to the public on Friday, July 13 and normal business is expected to resume from the new location at Roebuck Street from Monday, July 16.

However, the Registry of the Prime Minister’s Office will remain at its current location until its relocation to the Old Town Planning Building in the Government Headquarters Complex.

All correspondence for the Prime Minister’s Office should still be delivered to Government Headquarters.?? In addition, the Prime Minister, the Permanent Secretary to the Prime Minister and the CSME Unit of the Prime Minister’s Office, will remain at Government Headquarters.

The telephone numbers and fax numbers are as follows: PBX, 436-6435 or 436-1970; the Deputy Permanent Secretary, 429-5798; Senior Administrative Officer, 429-4458; Financial Controller, 430-4557; Senior Accountant, 228-5724; Executive Officer, 228-5576; and fax 430-0210.??

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