The Board and Members of the Future Centre Trust pays tribute to the late Prime Minister, The Honourable David Thompson

When he came to power in 2008 as the leader of the ruling party of the newly-elected Barbados government, Prime Minister, The Honourable David Thompson, indicated his interest in developing Barbados as a green economy, one that would be an example to the region, and particularly to other Small Island Developing States globally.

With the passing of this great man on Saturday, October 23, not only has the country lost a forerunner to change in Barbados, but also a visionary who recognised the benefits of sustainable development to Barbados and the region. As recent as March of this year, his goals of his country being the ???green jewel’ of the Caribbean re-emphasised his commitment to encouraging the practices of environmental stewardship to his people.

This position was exemplified in his acceptance of a position on the UN High-Level Panel on Global Sustainability inaugurated in New York during August of this year. There he was joined by great leaders, both current and past, where the global conundrum of climate change and long term viability of our resources and their use by the planet’s six or so billion people were the primary focus. Representative of the appreciation of the Thompson family’s commitment to both the local and global environment, Mrs Mara Thompson accepted the role of patron in the Future Centre Trust 2009 Clean Up Barbados event and in recent weeks, while dealing with their father’s illness, Oya and Misha Thompson came out to support the planting of trees during the global 10.10.10 event. It is through family also, that the late Prime Minister Thompson’s interests in the environment will continue.

The late Honourable David Thompson was a great credit – to many, many, things and people. The country of Barbados benefited from his interest in promoting change within the newly- elected government and a continued commitment to work in delivering what he saw as the best solutions for the time. We thank the Prime Minister for his interest in this area of policy and action, and we look for the continuance of such support within the government.

The Board and members of the Future Centre Trust extend their deepest condolences to the members of the Thompson family, his extended relatives, his close friends and his Cabinet colleagues. May he lay in restful peace.

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