???HIV is a virus, not a crime???.??

This was emphasised by Sade Leon Folkes, who played host to the Ministry of Tourism???s Love Safely Week presentation Celebrate Dance: Celebrate Life!, which was held last Friday evening at the Frank Collymore Hall.

The seven dance pieces, which all told a story related to HIV, included Everybody???s Business: And So The Streets Turn Red, choreographed by Kelvin Carvahllo.?? The dance routine highlighted the impact the virus could have in a school setting and the ensuing stigma which could result.

Another presentation, Be Kind-Embrace: Red River Embrace, choreographed by Sheron Trotman, featured the vocals and dance of Mahalia Phillips of NexCyx and members of Dance Strides Barbados. It shared the message that we are all part of one tapestry, with the dancers using a quilt to symbolise the connection between us all.

This collaboration between the Ministry and Dancin??? Africa was one of many, as the two entities have previously produced ???The Cabaret??? and ???Artists against AIDS??? in observance of Love Safely Week.????

Celebrate Dance: Celebrate Life! was the seventh HIV and AIDS cultural event presented by the Ministry of Tourism. Efforts will continue this year to support the United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) ???Getting to Zero??? campaign launched in 2011, which hopes to achieve zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS related deaths by the year 2015.


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