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The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security reminds the public that a permit is required from the Veterinary Services Department for the importation of animals and animal products/items.

This is a requirement under the Animals (Diseases and Importation) Act, Cap.253 and its related regulations.

A permit is required with respect to the following items: All animals, animal products (including hides, skins, hair, tankage, horns, wool, bones, bone meal, blood meal, meat scraps, dung, fodder), poultry or poultry products, meat or meat products (including canned meat products), dairy products, pet birds, reptiles, insects, biologicals (hormones, vaccines, sera, antigens) semen or eggs.

This also applies to any transshipment through Barbados.

Agents of ships, schooners and aircraft are particularly requested to ensure that permits have been granted by this department for the importation or transshipment of any animal, bird, meat, etc. that they may be required to transport to Barbados and that all conditions of the permit have been complied with. 

These permits when granted will, in all cases, provide details of the conditions to be complied with and the certification requirements for the various imports.

Persons seeking to land any such animal, bird, meat, etc. in the absence of a valid import permit are warned that this constitutes a breach of the Laws of Barbados.

All imports are subject to inspection by an Officer of the Veterinary Services Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, before final approval is granted for entry into the island. For further information, persons may view the Animals (Diseases and Importation) Act, Cap.253 and its related regulations by visiting the link http://extwprlegs1.fao.org/docs/pdf/bar20127.pdf​, or by calling the Veterinary Services Department at 535-0220 or 535-0221.


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