Persons 70 years and over can renew their driver’s licence using EZPay+. (MIST).

The Barbados Licensing Authority and the Ministry of Innovation, Science & Smart Technology (MIST) have partnered with the Barbados Medical Council (BMC) to give persons 70 years and over the option to renew their driver’s licence online.  This eliminates the need for them to visit the offices of the Barbados Revenue Authority.

This initiative allows doctors registered with the BMC to register on the platform and upload and complete the fitness certificate required via an online application at Barbados Licensing Authority (  Once the doctor approves the patient’s fitness, the patient is then free to renew the driver’s licence on EZPay+, government’s payment platform.

Members of the BMC were invited to a training session with representatives of MIST to review the online application, ensuring readiness for its implementation from August 9, 2021.

The Ministry of Innovation Science and Smart technology has also ensured that doctors have available two training videos, one highlighting the registration process, and the other, a tutorial on how to complete the online fitness certificate.

To register for EZpay+, go to


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