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The Ministry of the Public Service has advised that John Williams has been appointed Chairman of the Administrative, General and Professional Service Commission.

The other members are: Kim Parris, Michael King, Catherine Jordan, Marguerite Estwick, Anthony Olton, ​The Very Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Gibson and Dr. Ronald Knight.

In addition, the ministry has further advised that Branford Goddard is the Chairman of the Protective Services Commission, while Margo Green, Q.C., is the deputy chairman.

The other members are: Ronald Bascombe, Roglyn Hinds, Lt. Col. Atheline Branch (Ret.), Colin A. Walcott, Pat Callender, Rev. Dr. Beverly Lashley, and Jefferson Cumberbatch.

The appointments to the commissions took effect on June 1, and are for a period of three years.


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