Thirty-five participants will now be more knowledgeable in the field of agriculture, thanks to the "Youth in Agriculture Programme" which got under way today at the Parkinson Community Centre, St. Michael.

Advisor on Poverty Eradication, Undene Whittaker, told the participants that not only would they learn the rudiments of agriculture but the programme would also seek to counsel persons in anger management and other life coping skills.

"Some of the participants here today would have taken part in phase 1 of the "Youth in Agriculture Programme", some two years ago.?? As we enter phase 3 we want to address such issues as work ethic, and punctuality, as this is a course that encourages life skills, income generating skills and traditional skills," she asserted.

Agriculture Minister, Senator Haynesley Benn, who gave the feature address at the opening ceremony, reiterated Ms. Whittaker’s sentiments and told the students that they too can aspire to "great things through agriculture."

He told the gathering: "People have been expressing concern over the years over the age of our farmers, as a lot of old people are still farming.?? You, the youth now have to take over, and if you are not properly trained or you do not have the right attitude, then you will fail.?? We are depending on you, government is depending on you – be part of the process of feeding the hungry and feeding yourselves," Minister Benn underscored.

The programme, which started today and runs until Friday, May 7, aims to create bonds within the farming community; provide food for Barbadians which is of a high quality and at affordable prices. It also seeks to inculcate best practices within the youth, so that the project is sustained, that jobs are created for them, and farm gate products are produced at farm gate prices for our citizens.

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