Phase three of the Redevelopment of the Constitution River Project will start in the 2014/2015 financial year.

This disclosure came over the weekend from Minister of Finance, Christopher Sinckler, at the official opening of Phases One and Two of the Constitution River Project.

He said provision had been made for the project in this year???s Estimates and further disclosed that phase three would start at the Queen???s Park Bridge and end at the James A. Tudor Roundabout.

Mr. Sinckler told the officials and the large number of Barbadians present that the project represented Government???s commitment to improve the drainage in the area and provide an esthetically pleasing environment.

???Many of you will recall the days, not that long ago, when with the first downpour of rain, the adjacent Queen Elizabeth Hospital Car Park would be under threat of flooding. Thankfully, with the successful conclusion of this project this should no longer be the case,??? he stated.

He also disclosed that NASSCO Limited and the Barbados Workers??? Union Co-operative Credit Union Limited had expressed a willingness to make a tangible and financial commitment to the upkeep of the Constitution River.

He continued: ???We are hoping that other potential sponsors who have indicated an interest will commit to the project in the near future and come on board in keeping this place as splendid as it is today. It is also worthy of note that the redeveloped Church Village will be fully maintained by the Central Bank of Barbados. This is a model of maintenance for Government going forward and it is one I would like to commend to all Barbadians as we participate in regenerating these areas as the Barbados Tourism Inc. (BTI) has done.???

The Minister explained that over the past 25 years, successive governments had struggled to maintain projects once developed. ???It has led to projects not living up to their full potential with substantial sums being spent on refurbishment long before this should have been the case,??? he suggested.

Mr. Sinckler noted that the BDS $12 million Constitution River project had been completed within budget and the 19-month designated timeframe. He praised the contractor C.O. Williams and the management and staff of the BTI for the outstanding work on the green space, which would be used by the public and visitors alike.

Chief Executive Officer of the BTI, Stuart Layne, urged Barbadians to respect the level of financial commitment made and not litter on the waterway or the embankment. ???This is not a small matter since already we have noticed adults throwing debris into the waterway. We are also requesting that there be no vandalism of the benches that will be placed on the banks of the river for the enjoyment of the public. This is our public space and as Barbadians let us commit to keeping it in the condition in which it is in today,??? Mr. Layne pleaded.

He pointed out that the channel of the River was dredged and rip rap embankments were installed. According to him, the channel now had a depth of 3.12m and this would, therefore, allow for the inflow of sea water and marine life.

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