To assist in the enhancement of the knowledge of the Caribbean???s cultural heritage, and to encourage the ownership of that heritage by new generations, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is promoting two photo competitions.

The first, which focuses on Digital Photography and Industrial Heritage in the Caribbean, is organised through Instagram.

According to the competition???s rules, as seen on UNESCO???s website, entrants will be required to ???not just focus on the buildings and specific spaces resulting from pre-industrial and industrial activities, but also on the reflections regarding the collective memory, in the current landscape, resulting from the use or abandonment of these great sets???.

Persons must also include the hashtag #heritageCARIB. Additionally, all submissions of photos should include @RehabiMed.The second photo competition, entitled: #Unite4Heritage Photo of Cultural Heritage Contest! requires entrants to post a photo depicting cultural heritage to Facebook or Instagram, along with a brief explanation of its importance, with the hashtag #Unite4Heritage.

For contest rules and additional information, persons should visit the websites and

Author: UNESCO/Jamal Weekes

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