Belmont Primary School now has a piano that will assist in enhancing the musical talents of its students.

A gift from Pianoman, it was presented to the school today by Sales Representative, Sheldon Gibbons.

In handing over the prize, he said his father???s company was pleased to give back to the community.

He noted that it was Pianoman???s first time at the Barbados Manufacturers??? Exhibition (BMEX), and he was glad to see the response to their booth.

The piano was an added bonus from Pianoman to the school after one of its students, Khiesha Worrell, won the raffle at BMEX, and was the recipient of a Yamaha keyboard.

Principal Pamela Ifill, pleased with her school???s success, said that it had come amidst some challenges this year.?????One of the challenges we have faced for some time is that of having a sustained music programme at the school. We at Belmont recognise the importance of music as a tool which can contribute to our students??? growth in several ways.

???Music is a universal language which is used to forge bonds and unite people of all walks of life around the globe. It is also a powerful medium through which a person can develop self-discipline and boost self-esteem,??? Ms. Ifill said.

She said her school was ???blessed in many ways???, as a result of kindness expressed by friends in and around the community. She also expressed her gratitude to Pianoman???s Managing Director, Michael Gibbons, for training some of the students who performed musical selections during the presentation.

Encouraging her charges to have a greater appreciation and passion for music and the desire to develop the skills required for playing a musical instrument, she added: ???We have great talent in our school, which, if harnessed and channeled in the right direction, could lead to the creation of our very own Belmont Bees Band.???

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