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Come Monday, August 1, the Planning and Development Department will no longer accept paper copies of planning applications.

According to a statement from the Department, the public is encouraged to submit their applications to the online portal via  www.townplanning.gov.bb.

The public is reminded that applications for planning permission (formal, chattel, permitted developments and permission to kill trees); applications for certificates (building starts, certificates for buildings, roads and subdivisions), and approval of plans (submission of revised plans and final plans) are now   undertaken via the ePortal.

As a result, the following email addresses used previously for  submissions will be deactivated: applications@planning.gov.bbcertificates@planning.gov.bb; finalplans@planning.gov.bbbuildingstart@planning.gov.bb.

The portal allows applicants and their agents to access, monitor and update all forms or submissions. Additionally, planning decisions are now issued digitally to applicants and their agents and they are reminded to provide a valid e-mail address to facilitate this process.


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