Tree planting exercises, the presentation of the Timothy Hoyte Award, and an expo and plant sale are some of the events being planned by the National Conservation Commission (NCC) to mark Arbor Day, on September 22.

The NCC will be planting trees around the island under the theme "Trees: The Circle of Life".

On the day, in an official ceremony at Queen’s Park, the Timothy Hoyte Prize will be presented by Minister of the Environment, Water Resources and Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe.?? It will be awarded to an individual, community group, school, or organisation that has consistently facilitated, engaged in, and, or promoted the importance of trees, tree planting and after care and environmental awareness in general, from September 2008 to August 2009.

Special consideration will be given to individuals or groups for successfully executing or coordinating a single event, or project. However, its impact must be significant and should have involved a large segment of the community. Also, it must have improved or changed the attitudes of persons at the community or national level, as well as substantially increased forestation.

This award is in recognition of Mr. Hoyte’s 50 years of experience and dedication as a pioneer in the field of agriculture.

Nominations for the Timothy Hoyte award should be submitted to the NCC, Codrington House, St. Michael, by Tuesday, September 15. For further information, interested persons may email

A free Arbor Expo and plant sale will be held at Queen’s Park, the City, on Saturday, September 26, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. During this event, the importance of trees will be highlighted through a practical and interactive demonstration that will focus on the many products consumed and services utilised on a daily basis.

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