Minister of Environment and Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe (left), listens as NCC official Nigel Jones makes a point about the proposed project. Also pictured are Ryan Als of the NCC (second from left) and owner of Codrington Riding Stable, Patrick Croney. (J.??Rawlins-Bentham/BGIS)

Big plans are in store for the National Botanical Gardens at Codrington, St. Michael!

These plans will include an expansion of the fruit orchard, the establishment of a CARICOM, rock, palm, and flower garden, and woodland; a two-mile long jogging track, and a rain garden for those who pass through to enjoy.

Minister of Environment and Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe, accompanied by Permanent Secretary Gayle Francis-Vaughan, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Sarah Brathwaite, National Conservation Commission (NCC) General Manager, Keith Neblett and other government officials, were updated on plans for the National Botanical Gardens during a tour of the area last week.

Officials from the Rotary Club of Barbados were also present during the tour to discuss their plans to plant 50 trees of varying varieties in the National Botanical Gardens as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations. Members of the club are expected to start their tree planting exercise on Monday, March 5, with 20 trees.

Dr. Lowe expressed satisfaction with the plans for the area and stressed that it would be ideal for an eco-tourism site. "If Barbados is to pursue first world status, there are national treasures which must be developed," he stated.

Meanwhile, as plans for the National Botanical Gardens unfold, residents in Storey Gap, St. Michael are set to benefit from a number of new initiatives in the coming months as government seeks to bring improvements to the district.

Among the opportunities opening up will be avenues for householders in the area to develop businesses selling food and drink as more traffic is expected to be generated in the district, and more green spaces added.

Dr. Lowe has assured residents that they will be updated on all developments during a town hall meeting to be planned shortly.

The Minister added that the Codrington Riding Stable and cows which grazed nearby were being relocated from Waterford, St. Michael, to approximately five acres of "cornered off" land at Storey Gap, St. Michael.

"I believe it is a good solution and the residents stand to benefit greatly," he said. He explained the town hall meeting would discuss how the Codrington area would be improved and how residents could make financial gains.


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